The Darkness

06-04-2011 06:13

The darkness fills my soul.

I look down and all that I can see is dark. It fills the recesses of my soul, there is nothing more. The light I thought I could always count on is gone, to greener pastures I suppose.

And so, I’m left here. Alone and broken. Hope that I had is gone. Happiness is gone. Laughter is gone. There is only the bleakness I always knew would find me sooner or later.

And I don’t feel any despair, this is how it should be, I always expected it. I knew this was the only thing left for me. I tried to deny it for as long as I could but the truth is, there was never any other way. My life brought me here, like I knew it would.

Now there is only the choice, and I can’t choose anything else…I take another step and the black engulfs me.


Rachel Lima Lopes